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.:The Forums:.

Our forums are now up and working. Please go and use them. You will be required to register on the boards.

Currently the only way to register is to contact the ref team (preferably SaphDragon) and they will create the account for you. You will then need to update the Password to your own one.


Please read the Announcements Forum, FAQ and the rules below before using these forums.

.:General Forum Rules:.

No Spamming

No TV Producers/Researchers (or media students looking to film us). We don’t want to be filmed. Please don’t join the forums to ask us. We aren’t interested. Thanks.

No Advertising

No Rudeness Out Of Character. Personal insults will not be tolerated on these boards.

The moderators/administrators descision is final in all matters.

Some areas may have strong or adult themes. They will be clearly marked and their membership will be limited.

.:Roleplay Rules:.

Please contact us before you join in on the online roleplay, we need to make sure you character is correct.

Keep fighting to a minimum, because it slows the boards down.

Respect and abide by the Referee’s descisions

Be reasonable, and above all have fun!

If you have any questions or queries please contact us

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