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General Notes (2010 Updated)
« on: September 24, 2009, 10:21:04 am »
Please ensure you book in good time, Bookings are made via the Booking Sheet (Link to Website) ONLY. Posting desire to book on the forums does not constitute a booking in any way. Bookings will be confirmed when the Forum thread is changed to "Booked".
Please note that there are several people who can write adventures, you should request a writer and it does not have to default to myself. If you request a non ref as a writer then the written adventure is expected to be in at least 2 weeks prior to the booked weekend, so it is suggested that you get the writer on board as early as possible and book early as well. This will allow us the time to then send the adventure back and forth between the Writer and the ref going over it in order to ensure the vision of the writer is achieved within the rules and assist them in this while also 'polishing' the adventure as much as possible without it meaning someone having to pull an all-nighter or deliver something that is not of the quality desired. My suggestion is to approach the writer about it and get them to write the adventure as much as they can before booking, or to get the booking in 3-4 weeks before date.

To book an adventure, the people named on the booking sheet need to satisfy the following
1) They are in credit or neutral on their play/monster balance at time of booking, unlike in 2009 we will not be taking into account any projected monsters this year.
2) They have no more than 2 other adventures booked as a player. (This year it will be per player, NOT per character) a maximum of 3 bookings by any player will be allowed at any time. As a note, if some of the desired players are at 3 already, they CAN book on later once they fall below the threshold, but not until.

Please keep in mind that the adventure will be written to what is on the booking sheet. For additional players added later we will TRY to include plot for them if requested, but cannot guarantee it. Items should be included on the sheet as ideas, or a confirmed Item request sheet should be in place for a very specific item, otherwise again we will do our best but there are no guarantees.
It is the responsibility of any player joining an adventure to make sure they are aware for the requested adventure in terms of level, type, plot etc.

The clearest advice we can give is that you should try to sort out the bookings as a group before making it, discuss possibly concurrent individual character plots you wish to progress, as well as larger plots too.

The ref team expects booking sheets to be filled out in full, rather than with hardly anything on them just to place-hold the date, if it does not have the information on it that is needed, the booking sheet will be sent right back to you.
Indeed, ANY sheet not filled out properly will be sent back to you, ditto no new characters will be accepted unless they come with an attached History sheet for the character.
The booking sheets have areas on then that are greyed out, these are the mandetory sections and they must be filled out or we will bounce the sheet straight back to you to complete fully.

It should be noted we are only listing SUNDAYS on the adventure threads. Saturdays will be special arrangement ONLY. This does not preclude Saturday adventures, but the norm will be a Sunday.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE can you try to call/email/ let the refs know in some way or other if you are coming or not coming to an event, even if you will be monstering. as it makes life easier all round, if we know we only have 3 monsters we wont pack kit for 5 that has to be lugged round the site. Last year most of you were very helpful in this and it does make life a LOT easier for everyone.

2010 will contain plot leaders for new world and/or country based plot threads. Sometime we need a whole adventure for this other times we need just a few encounters. Because the 'In Game' year is concurrent with the real life year sometimes our hands are tied as to when something happens, particularly if it is tied to an In Game event at a set time of year.
Where possible we will accommodate plot and item requests by players on adventures of this nature, however the EARLIER you get these to us the more time we have to try to work them in. We cannot guarantee they will be included but we will try our very best to do so.

We aim to run two overnighter adventures this year, as always we will try to accommodate personal plots and item requests on either of them but the more lead-time you give us the better.
The first will be in May and the second should be in August.

Item/Spell/Ability Request Sheets
These should be used when you have a very specific item you want to get, when you want to look at something the current item abilities don't cover, when you want to have a new ability or skill, or if you want to request some new spells not in the main spell list.

Items: Please describe the form the item will take, and a good idea of abilities (this is also the place for a list of particular abilities if you really want that, rather than the general idea you can put on the booking sheet). Please include ideas about how it might be found, as for some people how they find an item is important to the character (as indeed are ways they would NOT take it, for example some people wont loot a dead enemy)

Abilities/Skills: Please detail IC what you want the skill to do, it may be there is a skill that covers this in the list of non standard skills. Keep in mind skills are things you learn to do rather than mystical powers etc. Abilities are more extra innates or extensions to existing innates.

Spells: We will not be taking in more than 5 new spells on any one request sheet. this is to keep the influx down to a more manageable level. Have an idea of the sphere and level of the spell, possibly an idea of the verbal as you see it, and also the IC effect of the spell.

8pt Special Requests
Any 8pt special should be discussed with the system ref beforehand in a little detail, if it is a normal race then please do an 8pt spend, and then send in with that the idea of the other elements that make it an 8pt special. the request MUST include a character history sheet filled in, as this will have a large bearing on what it may or may not get. Also a list of ideas of what the abilities are is a lot better than a list of skills and abilities in rules form.
A new race will instead need a history, details of the character in terms of general skills, class etc, and some information on the race as a whole. again the more effort you put in and IC colour and thought, the more you will tend to get for the 8pt special.
Please keep in mind that ALL 8pt specials are continuously under assessment in terms of if we need to tweak abilities for balance, no matter how long they have been in play. Also note that if your 8pt special covers what an existing one does, then the player of the existing 8pt special will be consulted as to if they are happy for you to 'share Their thunder' or not.

It is the responsibility of each person to sort out their lift, not the ref team's. We can suggest people who may be coming from your direction but it is not our place to volunteer other peoples time and effort to lift you. Ensure you have a lift to and from sorted out well in advance and pay attention to the advice on the "Lift's" thread of the forum.

EXP Spends, Makes, Title Spends
In regard to EXP Spends & pre adventure title/cash spends, please get them to Royce in good time, we print off everything the night before the adventure and having it all to hand helps, also please don't leave it till 9pm the night before, we need sleep before an event or Refs get cranky, and no one likes a cranky ref 
Also, since information is emailed from me (Royce) to the running Refs, if you don't get it to me in time to get it to them, you will NOT have the effects of Spends on your characters for the event, spend early!
We will not, apart from VERY exceptional instances (such as someone with no other way to contact us prior to an event) be allowing Exp spends or makes to be made on the morning of an adventure, Title spend can still be done at battleboarding on as normal.

Character History Updates
Please take the time to update your character history sheets, they are a primary tool now when it comes to the role-play award after an adventure and also they help us with tracking personal plot and adding in new elements from backgrounds. Feel free to ask for info for updating them after adventures if your need it and I (Royce) Will do my best to get it to you as soon as possible.

In Closing
2010 Rules are just about done, as soon as they are I will post info for people. it is your responsibility to read and take on board the changes, I have tried to make them clear here on the forums but not everything can be covered.

Booking sheets are ready, and I will send them out to anyone who wants one. Please PM me with the email address you want it to go to. However booking is not yet open, I will post clearly when it is.
Ditto please PM me for up-to-date copies of your character files.

Please note that as always the format of the year will be reviewed at the end of the year, but barring anything major we will not be looking to or open to changing anything in regard to the above during the course of the year. The only way to see how things work in practice is to give them a one to two year trial.

Always bring a packed lunch and some water to drink (in addition to whatever else you bring to drink)

Don't bring Alcohol, you WILL be asked to leave the game!

Wear decent boots if you can, and remind your lift to have bags/paper for the car floor in case it gets muddy.

Wear reasonable generic base, IE dark clothes, and avoid blue jeans and trainers. ALWAYS bring a 2nd belt for going over the top of tabards etc.

Please turn up early and be aware end of adventure time means you should organize a lift for about 20-30 mins AFTER that.

Please let the ref team know if your coming or if it turns out you cant come, the sooner we know the easier it is for us to work round abnormally high or low numbers of people there.
I wanted to raise a couple of points about lifts

1) If you ask for a lift, please PM the person you are asking your contact number and address. (please dont rely on me to pass it to them) and get a contact number for them in case you need to call them about anything to do with the lift.
2) If you find you are not going to be making the event after all, contact your lift and let them know this as soon as possible
3) Be prepared to fork over some fuel money, you are putting someone out and this needs to be remembered
4) Say thanks
5) Please remember that though I might know who is coming to an event who may have a space to lift you, it is NOT my responsibility to organise your lift, I'll help where I can but I have enough to worry about normally.
6) Be ready WHERE you are asked to be at the TIME you are asked to be. yes sometimes things happen to make you run late but try not to.
7) Ask in good time.

As a sepperate note, Please let me know if you are coming to an event, and also if you find you cant make it let me know, Numbers are critical and it really helps to know when I lose people
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