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« on: February 03, 2016, 09:54:37 am »
This year booking an events will work a follows:

Only 2 Event Bookings per player at a time (Overnighters are not included in this)

To book onto an event, a Player needs to be neutral, or in credit on Play/Monster balance. Certain cases may be allowed more leeway, these will be due to exceptionally special circumstances and will be pre-agreed by the ref team.

To book onto an overnighter a Player needs to be in credit or neutral on Overnighter play/Monster balance, again special circumstances may apply by pre-agreement only. The ref team reserve the right to deny a booking if overall play/monster balance is deemed to be unsatisfactory.

Also, for all events, be it live or tabletop, players are expected to be up and ready to go in good time. This includes being in costume and facepaint, with any questions asked prior to the event if at all possible. in previous years there were several instances of people not starting to put on facepaint till after expected time-in for tabletops particularly. If you need to get ready, do shop runs or any other activities it is for the Players to plan ahead to get this done on time, including facepainting at home first if needed, where possible.

In 2016 we will be running the following format for available dates
One weekend a month, we will not be running a game.
This is to give the Ref team some needed time off.
We do have some weekend marked for Tabletop only, we will not accept a booking over a triple in length for these, and we will be unlikley to take a COmbat Heavy, or a Roleplay heavy style, something in the 2-4 style range would be optimal.

It is possible that on the Tabletop weekend, if nothing is booked in the afternoon Royce will run a 'Paperwork' session, allowing people a chance to talk over ideas, and also we will run 2-3 little 'sit down' roleplay items, to allow people to sort out small things that don't need a entire adventure but do need to be roleplayed through.
[Note: we will not award points, allow makes, allow contingency castings or any other abuse of these slots. They will need to be requested in advance and we offer not guarentee that they will all be accomodated if time prevents. we retain the right to reject a request at our discretion
Kit, weapons and facepaint are not expected, However it would also be epected that no-one would initiate anything that would need combat etc. Abuse of this would result in the removal of the options to have the 'sit-down' roleplay.]

If any normally available Sunday is not booked by the 2 week deadline, it will default to the non running day, If the non running day is already set for that month, we may instead run a Weapons Practice and paperwork day, or possibly just a social get together for Board games and the like (having a location to host dependant of course)
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