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Bowbrick Hill Site
« on: June 05, 2006, 08:09:24 pm »
Here are some multimap links for where we shall be meeting at Bowbrick for adventures when we use the site.
This is an in close pic, Please note the main yellow road through the village, turn RIGHT onto Church Road, follow this UP the STEEP hill, past the church you will see a little parking bay on the left, just after this there are some large logs piled up, continue on up the cutting till the road levels out, as soon as the right hand bank drops down you will be able to do a U turn off the road to the right and into the car-park for the church on the top of the hill. this is where we meet up.

THis is a zoomed out image, note that the fasted route from outside of MK is to get onto the A5 dual carriageway at Stoney Stratford and go all the way through MK on the A5, after going through MK you will end up at a big roundabout. Take Brickhill Road (1st exit off the roundabout) WIgned for "Woburn Sands" and turn right into the village just before before you get to the level crossing. Remember to turn off to the right into CHURCH ROAD when the road turns and head up the STEEP (NOT KIDDING HERE!) Road past the church. after you pass the last house on the left, keep an eye out for a turn into a Parking area on the left hand side then the log pile, as soon as you are out of the cutting turn right as above into the main parking area.

It's a lovley site, but bring pleanty water as if it's hot we are dealing with very up and down terrain. Also if you suffer hayfever bring whatever you take to cope with it, there are flowers out in some places.
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