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.:Pathfinder Live Action Roleplay:.

Hello and welcome to the Pathfinder Live Action Roleplay website. We are not a company, nor do we offer any professional services, we are a small group of friends LARPing in our local woods. To find out more about us please click here. Our rules can be found on our manuals page. A list of our up coming events can be found in our calendar. Some pictures of us in action are situated in our gallery. Our forums and online roleplay can be found here. Please join in. Our now very old and out of date Yahoo Group can be found here. There is a small article on the history of the Pathfinder LARP branch in Lampeter to be found here.

If this website leaves your questions unanswered or you require a more personal touch, please do go to our contact page and drop us a line. However please note that if you’re asking us to be on your TV show we don’t want to hear from you. Also if you’re a media student, we don’t want you to film us. Please don’t email us asking us to be on your TV show or to be filmed as part of your course. We aren’t interested. However if you want to talk about LARP or come along to an event, get in touch.

What is Live Action Roleplay?

Are you new to LARP? You may have played a tabletop role-playing game, seen a fantasy film such as the recent Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring or read a fantasy novel, and imagined yourself in the place of one of the characters. How would you react in the same situation? With Live-action Role-play you get the chance to find out.

The aim of the game is to complete a quest that may involve physical combat (in a safe environment), solving puzzles, and talking to other inhabitants of the fantasy world. You will create a character with skills and powers you want to use. The physical limits of your character are your own rather than the dice rolls of table games.

Question: How fast can I run?

Answer: How fast can you run!

You will also have to choose a way of acting called an Alignment. This covers your moral code (if any) and respect for the law, by keeping to this Alignment you will gain Role-playing points that you can use to improve your abilities.

Once you have a character you will be sent on a quest involving puzzle solving, combat and talking to people. As you become confident in your character you may just feel the excitement of battle and achievement that modern living has taken from us. Also the stress relief of safely hitting a willing opponent with a latex weapon (as long as you don’t mind being hit back) has value in this pressure filled life.

Also, Role-playing differs from many other games in the fact that you have to work as a team with the other player in order to succeed. A lone warrior is useless when faced by an opponent who can only be hurt by magical spells. By pooling your talents and skills you can complete your quest. But most important of all is how you win. You don’t win by being ‘better’ than anyone else or by finishing the adventure, you win by having fun, you don’t lose by dying or failing to complete the quest, you only lose by not having fun.

By Role-playing you can improve your character, both in game terms and in real terms. Often a person who is shy will be able to come safely out of their shell when playing the part of their character, and so will not be shy during the breaks. (Not to mention that everyone is making a fool of himself or herself, not just you.)