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Pathfinder Live Action Roleplay group has been running for ten years. We are a small non-profit, non-commercial group based in North Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. We run regular weekend adventures from mid-spring right through to early autumn. We do not charge for these adventures. We are not a company of any kind, we are a small group of friends who LARP together. There is a yearly camp-out called "The Overnighter" allowing us to run longer and more ambitious adventures. The more loopy amongst us even play in winter!

The Lampeter LARP Soc no longer run Pathfinder LARP. Thanks to Rod Millard aand Arran Boyd for running the system there during the last year. Here is a link to the page I wrote on the history of Pathfinder LARP at Lampeter

The Pathfinder system has a long running plot arc in which players can have a major part to play. Due to our size each and every character has an effect on the game world of Vara.

The ref team consists of:

Royce Porter, the writer of the system and Lord High Overlord of Pathfinder LARP. When not plotting the downfall of the entire gameworld, he can be found philandering his way across Vara as that incorrigable rogue Taris.

Matthew Moore, who setup and currently maintains this website. As well as churning out copious amounts of back ground for the supplement. Matt spent 2 years running Pathfinder LARP at Lampeter, he is now looking to move on to run a series of events, tavern nights and adventures around south and mid west Wales. When not doing reffey things he can be found obverving the tenents of Bromwyn Stormbrow, whilst playing the baddest Troll Preist around, Stormclaw.

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