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This is the links page for Pathfinder Live Roleplay, on here you will find a whole bunch of links to other related websites. The links are organised by broad categories. If you find any broken links or wish your website to be added please email me. They have been pruned in 2007 and I hope to add a few new ones soon.

All these links are offsite links, we have no control over their content.

Weaponry and Armour

- Skian Mhor - Weaponry and Costumes

- Eldritch Weaponry

- Tallows FX - LARP Weaponry, moulded and very high quality. Expensive tho'.

- Mytholon - In German - Lovely pictures however... prices look good too.

- Armchair Armoury - Armour for LARP

- Lancaster's Armoury- Re-enactment Armour and Weaponry

- Lrpstore.com - A wide range of LARP kit, club members get a discount, see the forums

- The Adventurers Mart - range of kit and weapons

- Twister Ringpiece's Chain Maile Emporium

- White Rose Armoury - stunning plate armour

- Dressed To Kill Armoury - stunning plate armour

- Armchair Armoury - Armour for LARP

- Lancaster's Armoury- Re-enactment Armour and Weaponry

- Hammer Hydra- Good cheap weapons

- Ben Loder- High quality leather armour

LARP Costume

- High Tower Crafts - Weapons, Costume & Props

- Monster Boutique - Latex Masks For LARP

- Traveller in Black - High quality leather working, well worth a look

- Le Prevo - Leather Merchants

- The Identity Store - Leather Merchants

- Suzi Clarke - A wide range of costumes for sale

- The Leather Man - Re-enactment quality leathergoods, pouches etc

- Velvet Glove Costumes - Nice costume at good prices.

- Dark Blade Leather Workers - Vambraces, scabbards pouches

- The Shades Leather Workers - Vambraces, scabbards pouches

- Living History Fayres

- Alexis Rudd Masks - nice reasonably priced masks

- The Historical Clothing Company- High quality leather armour

- Lyonesse Clothing

LARP Organisations

- International Fantasy Gaming Society

LARP Clubs and Groups

- Faded Glory LARP

- Profound Decisions - The Maelstrom Campaign

- Fools and Heroes LARP

- Minos Games - cyberpunk LARP

- New England Roleplaying Organisation LARP

- Shadow Realms LARP

- Durham University Treasure Trap

- Dumnonni Chronicles

- Dark Light Enterprises LARP

- SASFRA Roleplay Club - Roleplaying club that hold LARP events

- HeroFest Events - one of the oldest clubs in the UK, running two events a year

- Blood Red Roses LARP - Based on the Wars of the Roses period

- Heroes and Heroines LARP

- Heroquest LARP

- Oblivion LARP

- Aberduu LARP Message Board - the LARP system that runs at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Go WARPSoc Go!

LARP Community & Resources

- Eldelphia's LARP Site - highly recommended resource site

- Aldebaran LARP Resource Site - some great how-tos

- UK LARP Forums - rule7.com

- larp.com

- Shades LARP List

- LRPEvents.co.uk

- Therion Arms Website - a great collection of arms and armour links

Vampire LARP

- MK By Night LARP

- Camarilla UK

Curious Pastimes LARP and related links

- Curious Pastimes LARP

- Wolves faction

- Jhereg Faction

Lorien Trust LARP and related links

- Lorien Trust LARP

- Archer's Guild

- Bears Faction

- Dragons Faction

- Unicorns Faction

- Wolves Faction

Shops and Friends

- The Purple Book

- Project Hydra Gaming Shop

If you find any broken links please Contact Us

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