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This page will hold a series of articles on how to make LARP kit and costumes, as well as links to other pages that hold similar useful pieces of information. Also there will be a section devoted to fiction both serious and humourous set in Vara, the fantasy setting in which Pathfinder Live Action Roleplay is set. Submissions welcome for all categories. Email Matt with any submissions.

Costume Creation

Here are some helpful links to websites that are concerned with costume creation.

Medieval Clothing Pages (www.virtue.to/articles)


Here are some useful facepaint resources and a facepaint examples page. If you have any pictures for the facepaint page, please get in touch.

- Facepaint examples - a page with a few pictures of facepaint, to give you a guide as to what your facepaint might look like.

- facepaintingdesigns.co.uk - A shop to buy facepaint from

Pathfinder LARP Fiction

Here are several pieces of fiction and song written by players and referees here at Pathfinder LARP. Submissions are welcome, email Matt (mattrm at gmail dot com)

- Good King O'dran - a drinking song

- The Story of the Finnmerian Halfings - a tale from the online tavern

- Stormclaw's coming of age story - the story of one character's beginning

- Two Lonely Trolls - one day's adventuring that didn't quite go to plan

- Nerys and Cassie - One night in the tavern... (angst warning!)

Pathfinder LARP Guildsman Newsletters

Over the years we've put out a series of newsletters, under the Guildsman banner. Here is an archive:

The Guildsman Issue 21

The Guildsman Issue 20

The Guildsman Issue 19

The Guildsman Issue 18

The Guildsman Issue 17

The Guildsman Issue 16

The Guildsman Issue 15

The Guildsman Issue 14

The Guildsman Issue 13

The Guildsman Issue 12

The Guildsman Issue 11

The Guildsman Issue 10

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