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This page contains the rules for Pathfinder. They are split into four main parts, The Manual, The Supplement, The Spell List and Document Sheets. The manuals are in either PDF or Doc format. Some are zipped up to group them together. If you have any problems with the formats, get in touch. The 2017 Manuals are now up (most recent) [Matt 31/08/2022]

The Manual is rarely changed, the rules are not subject to regular change. We release a new version each year with a few small tweaks and some corrections.

The Spell List also rarely changes, new spells are occasionally added and corrections made.

The Supplement changes quite often as players contribute to the world and new facts are detailed. There are four parts to the Supplement they are the Churches, Guilds, Land and Races of Vara. They are zipped up and in PDF format.

The Documents include character sheets and 8 point generation sheets as well as a whole host of other useful stuff.

We welcome submissions to the rules. Contact Us for details.

Download The Whole Shebang (the manual, supplement, spell list and everything else) RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD

Download The Manual

Download The Supplement

Download The Spell List

Download The Documents All the booking sheets and character generation sheets

Download The Weekend Booking Sheet (Word Doc)

Download The Item Request Sheet (Word Doc)

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