Facepainting Tips

Facepaint Examples:.

Here are some examples of what is expected for face paint at Pathfinder LARP. These are not hard and fast rules, but provide an extra visual guide, if you are unsure as to what your facepaint should look like. So far all facepaint used on this page is of the Snazaroo make, which is quite easy to get hold ofYou can buy them online here – facepaintingdesigns.co.uk

Elven Facepaints

Here are a few examples of Elven facepaints and a short explanation on how to achieve the effect.

Frostmane Elves

Here is a good example of Frostmane facepaint as modelled by the lovely Rhi. Yes she isn’t wearing ears, but we didn’t have access to any when we were doing the photos. This is a mix of dark blue and white facepaint, which are blended together.


Just after applying the face paints and before blending them together to get what you see above.


Stonefist Elves

Here is a not so good example of grey Stoneface facepaint as modelled by Matt. This is a mix of black and white facepaint, just put a few dabs of black and white facepaint on and mix together. It isn’t as thick as it should be because you can still see my skin beneath it. But I’m sure you get the idea.