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.:Two Lonely Trolls:.

Section One, Encounter One

Stormclaw finishes adjusting his armour and baggage and turns round to Sourbelly

"So you all set then mate?"

"Yup, Lets go kick some Arse!"

Stormclaw grins at his best mate's enthusiasm before taking the first stride on a road that would lead him to his Mum.

Section Eight, Encounter 5

Stormclaw and Sourbelly are seemingly having a intense discussion with a patch of fresh air.

"He is what?" exclaims Stormclaw

"Playing golf." Answers a tired and somewhat exasperated floating voice.

"Golf? How does a sodding Shadow Dragon play Golf of all the games in the world!"


The hulking great Troll slumps over placing his head in between his hands, muttering "Golf? golf?". He starts sobbing quietly. Sourbelly leans over patting him on the back.

"There, there mate. Calm down it'll all seem better tomorrow. Maybe the Shadowlings will be back from the Shadowling Lord's Teddy Bear picnic and Slumber party by then. "

"Won't be the same. " Huffs Stormclaw.

The floating voice coughs discretely, "Erm lads, the Goblin horde definitely won't be making till next week. It seems their team won the cup. "

"Wonderful," wails Stormclaw, "But the little buggers still had the time to set thier traps didn't they!"

"I know, that log trap put me right in a very prickly bush. " Comiserates Sourbelly, while he picks more thorns from his legs.

"We haven't even been up her for over year, they've had a nice break and what happens when we come up to have a scrap? Yes they all have 'Other things to do' the little sods. "

"Here have my hanky Stormclaw. " Sourbelly hands Stormclaw his big red and white spotted hanky.

"Cheers mate."


"There you go. "

"No you keep it. "

"Awww thanks. "

"We're going to have to wait till next year till we can get back up here again aren't we?"

The floating voice pipes up. "Errr Yes, the calendar is full. Sorry"

With that the unhappy little trio falls silent each contemplating the days events. Or non-events really.

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